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Seller FAQ

1. Can I participate in auction without register?

Ans - No, seller registration is required.  

 2. How to get registere?

Ans - Click on the link for registration- http://www.shopelect.com/seller

3. How to check running auction?

Ans - Seller has to provide default rate contact for brand and category dealing with.

Steps to check auction-

                   i. Login with seller account

                   ii. Click on Catebrand- for rate contact

                  iii. Go to My Auction- All currently running auctions will display.

4. How long I have to wait for Brand-category approval.

Ans - Please call us at 9222666999 after adding Brand-Category selection. It will confirm after 1 working hour.

5. How to bid?

Ans - Go to My Auction- All currently running auctions will display. Click on bid button to check detail of item required, fill fields and place bid.

6. What are the chances to win auction.

Ans - Maintain Rank 1, to win the auction.

7. How to get rank 1.

Ans - Rank is calculated based on Unit Purchase price.

  •                    i. Company list price should be put.
  •                    ii. Discount should be highest.
  •                   iii. Payment days should be maximum (55 days).

8. What is auto-bid?

Ans - When you put the maximum discount for an auction, our system incrementally increase your bid for you, as necessary.

We compare your bid to those of other bidders. When you're outbid, we automatically bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid. We increase your bid by increments only as much as necessary to maintain your position as highest bidder.

9. What if I put fewer discounts?

Ans - To win auction seller have to put maximum discount, else you will lose auction.

10. How I’ll come to know that any auction is going on.

Ans - Check your seller account regularly/ we will send you invitation mail.

11. What if I asked for immediate payment- 0days?

Ans - At the time of bidding if you have selected payment term as immediate, then 4% of your discounted company list price will be added to unit purchase cost, which will affect your rank and you may lose auction.

12. What if I asked for payment in 30 days?

Ans - If you have selected payment term as 30 days, then 1% of discounted company list price will be added to unit purchase cost, which will affect your rank.

13. What if I asked for payment in 55 days?

Ans - If you have selected payment term as 55 days, then no payment cost will be added to purchase cost.

14. What is should put in remarks column?

Ans - If customer description is incomplete or you have any doubt regarding product. Put it on remark column.

15. How and when you will confirm order?

Ans - For order confirmation, make sure your rank should be 1.

As soon as customer confirms order or auction is complete you will get notification.

16. What if another bidder places higher bid?

Ans - You have to check your account for your rank status. Or you can opt for email notification.

17. Can I decrease discount after placing bid?

Ans - No, once you place the bid your given discount will set to minimum.

18. Can I change bid after completion of auction?

Ans - No, change can be done after completion of auction.

19. Should I put both CST & VAT?

Ans - Yes, if the delivery to state is the same state in which your warehouse and VAT TIN Number is of, and then CST will be Zero (0). If Delivery State is different, then CST will be Two (2).

 VAT will be required to be put always irrespective of the delivery to address. Please enter the percentage of Local Vat applicable for the item in case of counter cash sales.

20. Why auction start price is zero for the product?

Ans - The buyer can choose to start the auction at a base price. In case he does not, then start price will be 0.

21. Is it mandatory to put excise duty?

Ans - Yes, if the company list price includes excise duty please put 0.

22. How I can check My Auto-bids?

Ans - You can check it in My Accounts> My Auto bids page.

23. Can I update Category and brands which we deal with?

Ans - Yes, you can update it anytime.

Buyer FAQ’s

1. Why should I create auction?

Ans - To get best deal in direct from authorized dealers.

2. How to create auction?

Ans - There are 2 ways to create auction- Create your account / registered buyers can directly login.

                   i. Search for the product in site

  •                   a.Click on “Add to Auction” button to add product for auction.


                   ii. Click on create auction given in home page of the site.

  •                   a. Select Brand.
  •                   b. Select Category.
  •                   c. Paste your requirement.

3. Why to pay auction fees?

Ans - This small fee is to ensure the requirement is genuine and for the auction manager to ensure participation of all relevant suppliers and for conducting the auction. In case you place order, the fees will be adjusted against purchase.

4. How to get quote?

Ans - As soon as you create auction, Pan India dealers will get notified for your requirement, they provide their best discounts and lead time.

5. If I don’t want to pay auction fees?

Ans - To confirm auction you have to pay fees which will be adjusted with your order after completion.

6. How would I know that auction is completed and I can place order?

Ans - Auction is by default complete in 3 days, but if you have set close date and time for auction then it will complete accordingly. Buyer will get notification mail for winner bids.

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