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MMF-12D24DS-CN1 L&T Drives Fan for CIMR-AD4A0139AMA

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Available Type AC INVERTER DRIVE:DC DRIVE:L1000A DRIVE:AC INVERTER DRIVE:Adjustable -curves for acceleration and deceleration DC injection braking at start or stop Power loss ride-through for protection against momentary power loss/under voltage Volts/Frequency ratio: fully adjustable Drive efficiency: 96 to 98 % suitable for induction and PM motor Designed for 10 years of performance life Rated for 50degree C without deration Unique maintenance monitor functions Intelligent detachable control terminals Application presets for general applications Application specific drives A1000 drive for crane application with precise brake and torque control L1000A drive for elevatorapplication which fulfills all elevator specific requirements Multi speed settings with jog settings Many protective features like torque limit,heat-sink overheat, current limiting DC bus fuse, motor overload protection,single phasing protection etc.
A1000:0.4 KW-630 KW
A1000 for Cranes:0.4 KW-315 KW
V1000:0.4 kW-18.5 KW
J1000:0.4 KW-5.5 KW
L1000A:1.5KW-110 KW
DC5:20 kW-370 kW DC DRIVE:Features:Large 40 character alpha-numeric back-lit display Three fully independent, user programmable drive configurations Extremely flexible block diagram including unique Configuration Checker,detects shorting of output connections of user programmed block diagram In depth diagnostic facility available from on board display and in built meter Five feedback transducer options as standard Built in oscilloscope output for full parameter monitoring Available in both 2 quadrant and 4 quadrant versions Extensive, multi-function programmable I/O, with over 36 digital and analog I/O combinations On board fully controlled field Field weakener for extended speed range serial communications to allow off site programming and remote diagnostics Unique, inbuilt shaft position controller enables accurate positioning of motor shaft Friendly, easy to use menu structure with plain English parameter names Inbuilt intelligent overload protection available Auto scrolling to monitoring parameters like speed reference, speed feedback,(Motor speed),Motor armature current, Motor field current on display during motor running condition
5 kW to 800 kW L1000A DRIVE:L1000A Elevator Drive
Range:1.5 kW-110 kW
Runs induction and synchronous motors Rescue operation using backup power supply Direct-to-floor and short floor functions Overshoot and anti-vibration control Terminal block with parameter backup Maintenance monitor function Rated upto 50degree C
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