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ShopElect deploys state-of-the art security  measures for ensuring protection and integrity of customer sensitive data and making payments online . 

Our hosting server uses SSL which provides a 128 bit encrypted security certificate to protect user information.Web browsers know how to trust HTTPS websites based on certificate authorities that come pre-installed in their software. Certificate authorities are in this way being trusted by web browser creators to provide valid certificates.

Therefore, a user should trust an HTTPS connection to a website if and only if all of the following are true:

  • The user trusts that the browser software correctly implements HTTPS with correctly pre-installed certificate authorities.
  • The user trusts the certificate authority to vouch only for legitimate websites.
  • The website provides a valid certificate, which means it was signed by a trusted authority.
  • The certificate correctly identifies the website (e.g., when the browser visits the website, the received certificate is properly for "Example Inc." and not some other entity).
  • Either the intervening hops on the Internet are trustworthy, or the user trusts that the protocol's encryption layer (TLS/SSL) is sufficiently secure against eavesdroppers.

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