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LED is an abbreviation for light emitting diode. It consists of a light-emitting diode, which is made into a tube light or bulb and in turn is fixed into a lighting fixture of choice. LED lights are energy-efficient and can save lot of energy. They are consumers’ favorite because they have environment-friendly composition and are known to cut down on the consumers’ monthly utility bill. They have longer lifespans as well thus saving money as well. They consume only a small fraction of electricity by regular incandescent light sources. This is why LED lights have taken the industry by storm in the form of LED lamps, LED bulbs and LED tube lights. LED lights brighten up to their maximum intensity and can be easily adjusted with the use of dimmer switches. They do not flicker even a second or two unlike other light sources. LED lights are very durable and can survive physical shocks as compared to CFL lights, which are very fragile and are vulnerable to physical damage or breakage. We offer you LED Bulbs, LED Floodlight, LED Downlighters, Emergency Lights, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Spotlights that are sure to brighten up your office and industry space.

LED Lights vs CFL Lights

The cost of installation of an LED light is slightly higher as compared to the cost of the installation of a compact fluorescent light, but LED lights has many product advantages. LED lights are worthwhile investments as they can easily be used for more than a decade and reduces your monthly utility bill to a greater extent. It’s very interesting to know that a CFL light has to be replaced about three times during the decade lifespan of an LED Light. Moreover, LED lights are environment friendly and do not emit harmful radiation as compared to the CFL or UV lights which makes them an ideal product to be used in the wake of global warming.

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ShopElect.com offers a wide range of LED lights for your commercial and official uses that are available in various designs, brands and types. If you looking to lit your industry like never before, LED Lights for office are the most popular and effective solution. You can buy LED street lights to light the streets and areas in your locality or office vicinity, LED strip lights can be used for decorative your office or industry space, LED hand torches are used for trekking excursions, flood lights are used for lighting vast open grounds, panel lights for lighting schools and office space, down lights for directional lighting on the roads and spot lights as highlighting-display lights. We have aggregated reputed lighting brands and are selling the best quality LED lights online on our portal namely Syska LED, Bajaj LED, Crompton LED Lights to name a few. Our LED products are 100% genuine and original products sourced from the best and authentic, verified sellers from the industry. You can easily buy the product online and it will be delivered online to your doorstep via our logistic partner, Mahindra Logistics. We offer easy refunds as per our refund policy. We provide you with 100% genuine and high quality products that use the best brand names in the industry. You can also call our category experts anytime to clear your queries on your lighting requirement. So, buy LED lights online for your commercial use from ShopElect.com and remain tension free as far as lighting solutions are concerned.

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