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Motors and Pumps are an essential product used in industries. They can easily convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and are used to power and run large number of machines, automobiles, heaving engineering, earthmoving machines and even pumps. Motors are used to operate and efficientlydrive in machinery. They have cheap installation costs, product less noise, produce negligible exhaust, can endure high overloads and can be easily run automatically. Motors and Pumps consist of motor accessories such as rotors, stators, bearings, eyebolts, brush holders, conduit boxes and enclosures. There are various types of Pumps and Motors online such as water pumps, electrical pumps, Borewell submersible pumps, Drainage and Sewage pumps or Centrifugal pump. These are used for various domestic purposes such as water circulation, fire fighting,gardening, power generation, water supply for buildings and offices, whereas motors such as three phase induction motors, DC motors, domestic monoblock motors has various commercial and industrial applications.

Motors and PumpsIndustry at a Glance

India is an agricultural based economy and hence we are heavily dependent on the timely monsoon. Since India has a vast stretch of land, rainfall is uncertain so in that case we have to rely on submersible or jet pump for the water supply so that it becomes easy to irrigate the land.All these motors and pumps are required to be of high efficiency. Routine tests such as breakaway test, full load test are done to determine the starting torque and to test watts, efficiency, power factor, speed and temperature.

Types of Motors And Pumps Available Online

Motor and Pumps can be broadly classified as induction based single phase motors and induction based three phase motors. Induction-based single phase motors are sturdy and reliable motors used in various commercial and domestic appliances such as fridge compressors, printers, water pumps, laundry machines, fans whereas three-phased induction motors or DC motors are used in conveyors or belts. DC Motors may or may not have a brush. Brushed motors allows user to easily control the motor whereas brushless motors last longer than other motors. Stepper motors are another type of DC motors is widely used in the robotics industry.

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