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2-hand control station - 2 pushbuttons + 1 Emergency Stop mushroom head Schneider

2-hand control station - 2 pushbuttons + 1 Emergency Stop mushroom head Schneider
Two-hand control station Preventa XY2 SB - Two-hand control station
Operator health and comfort is ensured by a rail for resting hands and by the quick and simple adjustments that can be made to the station when mounted on a pedestal.

XY2SB for direct mounting on machine housing
  • Degree of protection IP65.
  • Station fitted with 2 spring return pushbuttons for control and 1 emergency stop mushroom head pushbutton, with or without pre-wired terminal block.
  • The station also incorporates 4 x 22 cut-outs for mounting Harmony control units type XB4 (5 additional cut-outs are possible).
Two-hand control station + pedestal kit
This solution provides 3 quick and simple adjustment possibilities:
  • Height adjustment from 835 to 1170 mm.
  • Handle for rake of control station.
  • Handle for skew of control station.
The combining of these two-hand control stations with Preventa safety modules or XPS controllers enables a type IIIC two-hand control to be achieved conforming to EN 574 (category 4 conforming to EN 954).

Safety without fatigue

Two-hand control stations are designed for the control of potentially dangerous machines. They ensure individual protection of the operator by complementing collective protection devices.
The ingenious ergonomics of the XY2SB two-hand control station significantly reduces occupational illnesses associated with repetitive movements of the hands. They conform to standards EN 574 and ISO 13851.

  • For protection on presses, shears, guillotines (foundry workshops, automobile industry, printing shops, etc.)

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Preventa XY2 SB - Two-hand control station
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