3-phase stepper motor - 0.51Nm - shaft

3-phase stepper motor - 0.51Nm - shaft
Stepper drives and stepper motors for motion control Lexium SD3 & Motors - 3-phase stepper drives and stepper motors for motion control

Truly Simple

  • Forget about encoder systems and commissioning software
  • A compact drive and a high-accuracy motor included in the package
  • Reference values are preset and monitored by a higher-level PLC or a Schneider Electric motion controller
  • 3-phase stepper motors stand for precision, power and sturdiness
  • In most cases a gearbox is not required due to the high torque

Extremely Compact

  • The Lexium SD3 require very little space in the control cabinet
  • Compact dimensions (H x W x D: 145 mm x 72 mm x 140 mm)
  • The price is as compact as its dimensions

High Flexibility

  • Two different power classes, different interfaces and numerous other options and accessories
  • Available up to 6.8 A
  • Suitable for mains supply with 1-115 VAC and 230 VAC (50/60 Hz)
  • Feature a 5 V and a 24 V pulse/direction interface or fieldbus interfaces (CANopen, CANopen Motionbus and Modbus or PROFIBUS DP)
  • SD3 also available with rotation monitoring (SD3 28 has it on board)

Integrated safety

  • Safe Torque Off functionality prevents unintended machine starts as per IEC/EN 61800-5-2 for operator safety
  • The connection to the positioning electronics is retained even when the Safe Torque Off function is active. Re-homing is not necessary

"Plug and Play" for easy automation

The SD3 is a universally applicable stepper motor drive. The package is ready for operation within a very short period of time. Connect the stepper motor to the drive, set the current and step resolution ready!

  •  Printing, paper, packaging
  • Handling, labelling
  • Textile industry
  • Food and beverages

The Lexium SD3 with its excellent constant velocity characteristics is ideal for applications such as scanning. High torque is available even at low speeds. Therefore, the stepper motor is particularly suitable for short-distance positioning, such as labelling. It also provides a high holding torque, yet another advantage that makes it an optimum solution in applications such pick and place, etc.

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Lexium SD3 & Motors - 3-phase stepper drives and stepper motors for motion control
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