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48821 Legrand Lighting management--ceiling mounting-US-360

48821 Legrand Lighting management--ceiling mounting-US-360
360 ceiling sensorsFixed directly to a false ceiling with mounting claws (supplied) or installed in 50 mm deep flush-mounting box or in surface-mounting box Cat.Nos 0 488 74/75; Connect to 2 circuit controller Cat.No 0 488 50 by cord or RJ 45 cable or BUS/SCS cable fitted with RJ 45 connector Cat.No 0 488 72; Detection field 45 m - for enclosed spaces with obstaclesUS - 8 m; Optimum distance between 2 sensors: 6 m; Consumption 0.5 W on standby; RJ 45 connection; All loads 10 A - 240 V; Energy saving product; Import Purchase Subject to Company Policies of Minimum Ordering

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lighting management stand-alone sensors - 2 outputsAutomatic lighting management in areas that benefit from natural light: (e.g. individual and open-plan offices, meeting rooms) + Management of an additional circuit (lighting/air conditioning/ventilation etc.); Occupancy mode: automatic on/off switching upon detection; Vacancy mode: manual switching on with push-button, automatic switching off; Factory pre-set: time delay 15 minutes, light level threshold 500 lux for false ceiling sensors, 300 lux for flush-mounted sensors; Precise adjustment though mobile configurators;
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