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665118 Legrand Automatic switch Nilo

665118 Legrand Automatic switch Nilo
Automatic switches - 2-wireFor controlling lamps:; 40 to 400 W incandescent lamps, halogen 230 V and halogen ELV with ferromagnetic or electronic transformer; To be fitted as a replacement of a traditional switch; Screw terminals; Can be used as a two-way switch with a push-button; White; Screw mounting; Import Purchase Subject to Company Policies of Minimum Ordering

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Nilo push-buttons, automatic switches, dimmers, shutters and fan controlsMechanisms equipped with rocker plates and support frames; To be equipped with plates; Flush or surface-mounting; Screw or screw and claw mounting with claws Cat.No 6 650 99; Supplied with protection cover;
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Main Group 1 Switchgear

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