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ARGUS standard outdoor 120

ARGUS standard outdoor 120
ARGUS movement detectors retail ARGUS standard movement detectors - Outdoor and indoor movement detector
  • The ARGUS movement detectors retail range consists of the following types :
  • Standard 140° outdoor  CCTR1P004
  • Standard 360° outdoor  CCTR1P008
  • Standard 360° indoor   CCTR1P002

Common features :

  • Power supply: AC 220-240V, 50Hz
  • Light level setting: 5 – 2000 Lux

Time : 

  • 140° outdoor: 3sec – 30min
  • 360° outdoor: 5sec – 20min
  • 360° indoor: 3sec – 10min

Detection range :

  • 140°/360° outdoor: up to 12m
  • 360° indoor: 7,4m diameter (2,4m installation height)

Type of protection :

  • 140°/360° outdoor: IP55
  • 360° indoor: IP20

Possible to blank out certain lens areas
Manual override for max. 6 hours (only 140°/360° outdoor)

Security and convenience

This new ARGUS surface-mounted movement detectors are a complete movement detector family especially for the retail market. The whole family consists of 2 outdoor movement detectors (140° and 360° detection angle) and 1 360° indoor movement detector. The indoor model was exclusively designed in Denmark by Michael Koch. The products are packed in blister packaging to fit the special needs of the retail market.
These movement detectors not only persuade with their design but also with their featuring and easiness of installation:

  • Snap in segments to mask certain areas (outdoor units)
  • Corner installation bracket (outdoor units)
  • Parallel connection of connectors
  • Manual override mode (outdoor units)
  • Light level setting from 5 to 2000 Lux
  • High detection range
  • High temperature range (outdoor : -20° to +40°, indoor : 0° to +40°)

The technology and the easy installation make them ideally suited for use on :

  • house fronts
  • warehouses
  • basement garages
  • entrances and staircases
  • corridors
  • kid’s room

to name just a few examples.

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ARGUS standard movement detectors - Outdoor and indoor movement detector
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