body for switch - 1 pole - 45

body for switch - 1 pole - 45
Cam switches (up to 150A) Harmony K - 16-22 mm cam switches (from 10 to 150A)
K1/K2 series, 12 and 20 A rating:
universal modular range for control in industry and the building trade
  • Switches
  • Stepping switches with 2 to 5 positions
  • Changeover switches with 1 to 4 poles
  • Ammeter and voltmeter selector switches
  • Lockable key switches
  • Multi-fixing or 22 mm fixing, plastic and metal
  • Faceplate 45 x 45 mm
K10 series,  10 A rating:
dedicated to process control.
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy integration in 16 or 22 mm hole
  • Selection functions
K30 to K150 series, 32 to 150 A rating:
dedicated to direct control for simple machines.
  • Changeover and starting functions

Let yourself be guided with total simplicity
A complete offer with its 3 adapted ranges, K series switches combine simplicity of setup with flexibility:
different fixing methods, complete products or components for customer assembly (bodies used with sub-bases and heads from the Harmony range, etc.)

  • Industry and the building trade: to make up operator panels and consoles. They can be used for direct control of simple machines and process control.

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Harmony K - 16-22 mm cam switches (from 10 to 150A)
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