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KEI, is the name you have trusted for the past forty  years, in the wires and cables industry in India. It is a one-stop-shop for all your domestic cabling  needs. The KEI range of wires comes with a comprehensive Product  Liability Insurance Cover, ensuring safety for your home.


KEI introduces Homecab wires, multi-strand flexible house wires with fire  resistant properties. Specially formulated insulation, with a high oxygen and  temperature index, enables the cable to withstand overloads preventing electric  mishaps.


So, give yourself the promise of security and supreme  quality. Get KEI and safeguard your home, for life.


Flame Retardant PVC  lnsulated
Single Core Unsheathed  Copper
Cables  (Up to 1100Vdlts AC)


Conductor: The conductors, drawn from bright electrolytic grade  copper are annealed and bunched together.


Insulation: The bunched conductors are insulated with specially  formulated FR PVC compound with a high insulation resistance value. The  insulation process is carried out on modern high speed extrusion lines, which  ensures high accuracy and consistency in performance. Flame retardant  properties enable the cable to withstand overloads. The insulation is resistant  to boiling water, steam and vapours. This prevents ageing and cracking in  kitchens, bathrooms, damp walls and chemical industries.


Marking: The cables are printed with generic marking  'HOMECAB'. Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green and Grey.


Packing: 90 Meters (approx. 100 yards) pack in protective  cartons.



All our Products conforming to CE norms.


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