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ES41W20SDXXXLSIG+Cmet 630A 50kA 3P MDO GE ACB EntelliGuard

ES41W20SDXXXLSIG+Cmet 630A 50kA 3P MDO GE ACB EntelliGuard
The breaker is designed to ANSI/UL1066, UL489 and IEC standards. It carries a UL, cUL and CE label.
Multiple Short Time bands under 100ms optimally fit above the Instantaneous clearing times.
Alternate Instantaneous setting (RELT) mitigates arc flash hazard while maintaining complete selectivity during normal operation. Remote activation can be safely achieved with off-the-shelf devices or, for networked systems, RELT can be activated via the communications port. RELT annunciation can be direct or indirect, either locally on the equipment or remotely via control devices or the industrial network.
Adjustable ST and GF Zone Selective Interlocking optimizes restrained and unrestrained bands.
Zone Selective Instantaneous protection, multiple zone protection, 3 cycle clearing and selectivity are provided simultaneously.
Instantaneous trip adjusts up to 30X trip plug rating.
In addition to arc flash protection and selectivity features, the EntelliGuard TU also includes many new innovative features:
- Availability to choose two different industry-recognized open communication protocols: Modbus RTU or Profibus DP.
- As the industrys only completely universal spare/replacement trip unit, it can be installed in any EntelliGuard G circuit breaker, regardless of frame size, sensor size, short circuit rating or standard (UL, ANSI). Patent pending.
- Time current curves compatible with traditional fuse curves, along with more and tighter breaker curves, ensure accurate coordination. Regardless of what mix of protective devices your system includes electronic trips, thermal magnetic circuit breakers or fuses the EntelliGuard TU has the right curve shape to fit your systems needs.
- Ground Fault curves compatible with common fuse ground fault curves. If you have fused feeders under the circuit breaker with the ground fault protection, you can optimize selectivity without giving up protection and still meet code-mandated requirements.
- The industrys only true Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI) works with Ground Fault Protection (GFP), Short Time (ST) and Instantaneous (I), and includes the ability to set precise clearing times of each circuit breaker when restrained or unrestrained.
There are more than 20 different types of factory installed and loose accessories available for the EntelliGuard G circuit breaker. Whether it's a bell alarm contact, key interlock or redundant shunt trips, we have the accessory combinations to meet your need

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Technical Details

Technical Details

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Main Group 1 Switchgear
Main Group 2 Circuit Breakers
Main Group 3 ACB
Main Group 4 ACB Entelliguard
Ampere 2000
No. of Poles 4P
Breaking Capacity 50kA

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