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Isolators BF206300 Ampere 63A Pole 2P 2 L & T

Isolators BF206300 Ampere 63A Pole 2P 2 L & T
AvailableType IsOLATOR: IsOLATOR: IsOLATOR:Isolator is basically required in electrical circuit to MAKE -CARRY and BREAK electric current manually under normal as well as abnormal conditions Isolator in mains circuit ensures that there wont be flow of any current at load side when it is in OPEN condition,this gives confidence towards safety working in an electric installation
True contact indication -shows actual contact status Two position Din rail clip -helps for easy mounting Combi-head screws-allow all types of screw drivers to be used Dual termination-(cable and/or busbar) possible at incomer side Terminals suitable up to 35 sq.mm cable Finger-poof terminal -IP20 IsOLATOR:Features Conforms to global standard EN/IEC 60947-3 Carries CE marking and KEMA certification Available in range of 40 A and 63 A in DP, TP and FP versions suitable for AC22-A utilization category Finger proof terminals IP20 degree of protection Ergonomically designed, profiled for superior cooling and manufactured with fire retardant material

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