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mounting kit for multiclip 200 Schneider

mounting kit for multiclip 200 Schneider
Acti 9 Smartlink Modbus slave and Acti 9 Smartlin Ethernet are used to transfer data from Acti 9 devices to a PLC or monitoring system via the communication system Acti 9 Smartlink - Energy digitization down to final switchboards

A unique innovation, to easily transfer data between a digital network and devices located in final switchboards :
> status and alarms from protections
> remote controls to contactors
> metered values.

> Optimize energy consumption, enable energy efficiency

  • Collect and analyze data from energy meters in each area, for each type of load or circuit
  • Automate, schedule, and control operation of loads to optimize energy consumption

> Increase continuity of supply, power availability

  • Get immediate, precise warning in case of power loss
  • Make evolution of your equipment quick and easy

> Allocate costs

  • Meter energy use, from large areas or sectors to individual loads

... and its never been easier to connect!


  • Direct connection to:
    • Modbus network (Acti 9 Smartlink Modbus)
    • Ethernet network (Acti 9 Smartlink Ethernet)
  • DIN rail fitting : No additional space needed
  • 11 input / output channels
  • All in one cables with pluggable connections
  • IEC 61 131 Compliant (PLC I/O Modules)

Smart in the way it centralizes control and collects energy meter data with just a simple ready-to-connect communication module.
Efficient in the way the one-click prefabricated wires communicate between distribution panels and any facility management system.
Safe and reliable in terms of control and metering connections

  • Protection monitoring
  • Load control switching
  • Energy metering

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Acti 9 Smartlink - Energy digitization down to final switchboards
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