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WVP79240SGA Ideos Downlighter 40W CFL (TC-L) Wipro

WVP79240SGA Ideos Downlighter 40W CFL (TC-L) Wipro
Specifications: Wing shaped reflector-cum-housing constructed in powder coated CRCA with ribbed surface finish WVP 78 / WVF 78 - Detachable double parabolic high efficiency pre-anodized aluminium reflector placed in center of the housing WVP 79/ WVF 79 - Detachable paralite P5 louvres gives glare free direct light Two side wings in special translucent satin finish virgin PMA ribbed diffuser Acrylic diffusers are hingeable with snap fit arrangement for ease of maintenance Complete with slim open type low loss copper ballast and accessories pre-wired upto terminal block in control gear Suitable for 2x36W, 2X40W, 2X55 W CFL (TC-L) and 4X14WFTL (T5) lamps Designed and manufactured to comply with IS 10322 part 5 Sec 1 1987 Customer Benefits:Housing in uniform, structured, ribbed pattern for delivering higher light outputInteresting combination of louvres with ribbed lenses for enhacing aestheticsAcrylic lenses with specially structured light refractors for better efficiencyOptions in Double Parabolic or Paralite Louvres for excellent glare controlSpecialized optics for wider light distribution

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40V Lamp Type CFL (TC-L)/PLL Ideos Downlighter
Technical Details

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Main Group 1 Lighting
Main Group 2 Downlighter
Main Group 4 Ideos
Wattage 40W
Lamp Type CFL (TC-L)

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