Guidelines for Buyers

  • Buyers are called upon, to check Product Catalogues for their specific requirements/specification/ design/ pattern/measurement/dimension/size pertaining to the products at the time of making any purchase. The Buyer shall be solely responsible and liable for all and any consequences, arising on account of/ flowing from any mistake on his/her/its part, on account of wrong/incorrect requirements, specifications / designs / patterns / measurements/dimensions/sizes and descriptions of the products purchased by him/her/it.
  • Latest/updated Product Catalogue should be checked for the correct product code and all the other information related to the product.
  • Ensure Product code is correct while placing an order/making a purchase.
  • Once the receipt has been signed as received by the receiver, the goods are deemed to be sold and accepted.
  • Goods once sold shall not be taken back, however; any claims or complaints pertaining to damage, pilferage, incomplete product etc will have to be notified to ShopElect in writing within 7 days of receipt of such goods, following which the same claims/complaints will be forwarded to the concerned Vendor/Authorized Dealer/Manufacturer for the appropriate resolution of the same by the concerned Vendor/Manufacturer. Please refer ShopElect guarantee.
  • ShopElect displays the data and products related information as provided by the respective Vendors/Authorized Dealers/Manufacturers of the products. This information is subject to change; hence buyers are requested to check the latest Product Catalogues/manufacturers website before placing an order.
  • ShopElect will not be responsible for buyers' oversight, negligence, error, mistake, fault, error/failure of judgment for any reason whatsoever, rendering the product, unfit /unsuitable for the use of buyer, while making a purchase decision.

In the event of any, complaints, grievances related to product, and any claim arising out of and/or resulting there from, the same shall be forwarded to the concerned vendor/Authorized Dealer/Manufacturer and their decision about the same shall be final, acceptable and binding upon the buyer. ShopElect will facilitate the resolve but will not have any responsibility towards such claims/complaints, after that.

Bidding Guidelines for Buyers

  • Bidding with no genuine intention of buying will not be accepted and permitted on ShopElect. Because the items displayed are in an auction like form, and each bid is a binding contract.
  • Undertake or commit purchase of an item without paying for it.
  • The Buyer and Seller shall always be two separate, different and distinct entities (whether legal/juridical/natural) Buyer cannot and shall not falsely bid for his own merchandise so as to make it appear to be popular. Hence buyer should be different from the seller.
  • Bid on or buy an item when they do not meet the seller's terms as outlined in the item listing, or bid or buy with the intention of disrupting a listing. This is known as unwelcome and malicious buying.
  • Both buyers and sellers cannot interfere with a transaction or offer to buy or sell listed items outside of ShopElect site.

The above list is an indicative list and ShopElect always has a right to add/alter/delete all or any guide lines, without any prior notice to the buyers.